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    Used Norfied 1020K Double End Trim Saw - Being sold "As Is"- Has the kerfing option but the routers are missing.

    Was in working condition 4 months ago.

    Startup/training and tune up are available for this machine.

    Please call 877-474-5521 for more information.


    Used Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine - Being Sold "As Is"

    Was in working order when shop closed 4 months ago.

    Will machine for the lite cutout, lock bore, latch bore and faceplate bore.

    Comes with 20+ templates.

    • Used Norfield Magnum Door Machine


    Used Norfield Magnum Prehung Door Machine - Being Sold "As Is" - Includes auto screwfeeder.  Approx. 1983 Model Year

    Seller closed shop about 4 months ago and is selling all their machinery.   If interested in a package, please look at #1110~#1115.

    • Used Norfield 1020 Trim Saw w/kerfing


    Used Norfield 1020 Trim Saw w/kerfing - Being sold "As Is"

    In working condition.  Ideal for a shop that does not want to spend the money on a new trim saw, but has the need to improve efficiencies with a used one.

    Call 877-474-5521 for more details.

    • Used Norfield 1020 Trim Saw


    Used Norfield 1020 Trim Saw

    When sold, it will be tuned and in working condition.

    FOB Southern California

    For more information call 877-474-5521

    • Norfield V-85 Face Frame Machine


    Used Norfield V-85 Face Frame Machine

    This machine will cut the face frame and drill the face frame screw holes all at the same time.  SAVES TIME AND MONEY

    For more information, call 877-474-5521.

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