LIMTECH Industries

    • LIMTECH Industries Pegasus Series CNC Routers

    Pegasus series is equipped with all the operating features and configurations as the Orion series except on a large and heavier frame format. Ideal for large table size of up to 10' wide by 40' long with up eight custom spindles and thirty-two traveling ATC configurations! 

    • LIMTECH Industries Orion Series CNC Routers

    Orion series is heavier in construction utilizing ball screw on the gantry and dual planetary gearbox system for the length of the table, faster tool change cycle time and positioning speed, more user-friendly operating features and available options
    than the Centaurus series.

    • LIMTECH Industries Centaurus Series CNC Routers

    The Centaurus series is a moving gantry, fixed table machine equipped the similar if the not the same the operating features and brand name components used on the Orion and Pegasus series.

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