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  • Castaly 1/4" ~ 3/4" Dowel Cutting Machine DC-78

    Castaly DC-78 Dowel Cutting Machine automatically feeds with rotary magazine and tapers dowel ends as well as includes many other features.

  • Castaly 1/4" ~ 3/4" Dowel Milling M/C DM-77

    Castaly DM-77 Dowel MIlling M/C mills wooden dowels from square sticks.

  • Dotul Dowel Driver AT-400

    The Dotul AT-400 Dowel Driver is a free-standing single dowel insertion machine. The operator pre-glues the dowel hole, places the piece in front of the driver and presses on a foot pedal to insert the dowel. Dotul also offers machines that will make dowels.

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