Castaly 8 FT 10-Head Double End Tenoner SET-810NU

Castaly 8 FT 10-Head Double End Tenoner SET-810NU

Castaly 8 FT 10-Head Double End Tenoner SET-810NU is suitable for mass production of woodworking factory for processing of double end cutting, tenoning, grooving, moulding, and sanding.


  • The automatic high-speed through feed device allows for perfect finishing at speeds ranging from 20~66 FPM.
  • It is a powerful machine great for heavy-duty production.
  • In addition to the double end cutting, all the settings and other processing can also be executed with high accuracy.
  • Since the machine is so versatile, it should be one of the most satisfactory equipments for bulk production lumber-processing factories.
  • The specially designed numeric controller allows quick setting of length sizes, for the tolerance within 0.004?.
  • The numeric counting system provides highly accurate settings, and a special memory retains all settings, even if there is a power failure.
  • Variable speed, through feed, wide rubber pad, spring-loaded dots conveyor for the best finish selections.
  • Heavy-duty powered pressure rolls at top of wide width conveyor to hold the material tight to prevent sliding during the cutting and sanding process.
  • Shaper head can be moved up & down, forward & backward.
  • Equipped with industrial motor for full power cutting and sanding capacity.
  • Two sanding heads can use brush, flap wheel or profile disc for fine finish at one pass.
  • Trim saws and sanding heads can be tilted for different angular setup.
  • Heavy cast iron base for durability usage.




Max. Working Size






Miter Saw Blade

12" x 1" Dia.

Grooving Saw Blade

10" x 1" Dia.

Shaper Cutter

6" ~ 10" x 1" Dia.

Feed Speed

20' ~ 66' Variable


3 PH, 220/440 V

Trim Saw

5 HP x 2


3 HP x 2

Vertical Shaper

7-1/2 HP x 4


2 HP x 2


3 HP x 1

Width Setting

1 HP x 1

Machine Size (L x W x L)

14' x 14' x 5'


16500 LBS


19800 LBS

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