TigerStop TigerTouch

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TigerStop TigerTouch

Any TigerStop product can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch. From manual, all the way to fully automatic processing, TigerTouch can simplify any cutting process by putting full control at your fingertips.


Easy-to-Learn Technology:  TigerTouch's intuitive user interface was designed for ease of use. New operators will have no problem getting up to speed.
Design and Data Come Together:  TigerTouch combines a sleek interface with TigerStop's innovative software solutions. It provides a highly sophisticated visual representation of material optimatization and defecting, as well as cut list processing.
Unparalleled Control:  Process your parts in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic mode when used in conjunction with your TigerStop Advanced Interconnect Kit.
One Place for Everything:  Download an infinite number of cut lists from your office design software to TigerTouch, then watch TigerTouch use TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization software to turn that data into finished parts with custom printed labels.
Dynamic Pack Optimization:  TigerStop now offers a brand new software upgrade for TigerTouch called Dynamic Pack Optimization, which nests packs or bundles of like-profiled material for the greatest yield.
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