Builders Automation Programmable Stair Stringer Router CNC/MFSR

Builders Automation Programmable Stair Stringer Router CNC/MFSR

The advanced CNC MFSR uses computer control to route the stringer material to any desired tread and riser combination. It comes preloaded with the most commonly used combinations, but it is also capable of routing custom stair profiles, as needed.


  • Fully programmable CNC (Computer Numeric Control) 4-axis servo driven machine.
  • Programmable Touch Screen for simple stair characteristic input by operator.
  • Downloadable with CAD parameters through a .dxf file, making it a true CNC machine.
  • Two (2) high frequency routers with 5 HP/24,000 RPM fan-cooled spindles that can accommodate shanks of ½" or ?" diameter.
  • Accepts one or two stringers at a time – ¾", 1" or 1- ½" thick for a total of 3" maximum thickness and 7- ¾" to 15- ¾" wide.
  • Extra wide ¾" guide rails for more bearing surface with a 3- ¼" high fence.
  • Four (4) cylinder clamps – 2 fixed and 2 adjustable – for up to 1,700 pounds of stringer clamping force.
  • Self-centering feed system on roller bearing for better support and elimination of wear on the brass parts.
  • Dust collection cups on each router for clean, efficient operation.
  • Accommodates staircase angles from 20 degrees to 45 degrees and riser kickback from 5 degrees to 11 degrees.
  • Cuts up to ½" deep in yellow pine at the maximum rate of 20" per second and an open stringer in a single cut.
  • Programmable to cut any combination of box, contemporary, or open stairs.
  • Completes the top and bottom landing cut without additional handling or manual sawing.
  • Unlimited setting for wedge fit or material variances.
  • Comes with manufacturer’s standard 1 year warranty.




Gross Weight

Approx. 3500 pounds


Approx. 8’ x 6’5” x 7’

Cycle Time

Approx. 10 seconds per 7/11 tread in 1 or 2 stringers

Air Requirements

110 PSI at 15 CFM (min. ¾” diameter unrestricted line)

Electrical Requirements

230V 3-phase at 70 amps

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