Vecoplan Rotary Shredder VHZ 1100 XL

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Vecoplan Rotary Shredder VHZ 1100 XL

The small series VHZ®; is a durable and robust shredding solution specifically developed for the needs of the wood processing industry. Woodworkers around the globe benefit from the reliable shredding components, which set new standards for energy efficiency. Thanks to our patented gearless variable-speed drive technology, the VHZ®; series is designed to ensure minimal operating costs and maximum production.


  • Energy Efficent ESC Drive
  • Small Footprint - High Throughput
  • PLC Controls / Touch Pad Monitoring
  • Tramp Metal Protection
  • Large Infeed Hopper
  • Precision Hydraulic “Process Ram”
  • Special Composite 4-Way Indexable Cutting Inserts
  • Rugged Hydraulics
  • Heavy Oversized Outboard Spherical Roller Bearings
  • ISO 9001 Manufactured
  • Easy Access Screen
  • Critical Duty Drivetrain
  • Wear Resistant Siderails & Cutting Chamber
  • Reinforced Screens




Motor HP

60 HP

Hopper Opening

65 x 70 inches

Cutting Chamber

42 x 47 inches


7,000 lbs/hr

Rotor Length

42 inches

Rotor Diameter

15 inches

No. of Cutters

54 pcs

Rotor Speed

Variable from 90 - 265 RPM

Max Cuts per minute


Machine W x L x H

67 x 105 x 45** inches

* Capacity based upon typical cabinet shop mix of particleboard, MDF, hard & soft woods through a 1” screen.
** Machine height only. Please add 40” to allow for the height of the standard infeed hopper.

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VHZ 1100 XL

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