Dotul Raised Panel Door Shaper MT-200

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Dotul Raised Panel Door Shaper MT-200

The Dotul Raised Panel Door Shaper MT-200 machine can process and machine entry door stile and rail door parts as well as cabinet door parts. This machine allows one operator to machine profiles to the rail copes, stile and rail sticking and raised panels with rapid change over all on one machine.


  • Allows one operator to machine all profiles for stiles and rails on one machine, along with raising all panels both edges top and bottom.
  • Capacity for machining a 6" arc on panels and rails, and raises both face on a raised panel at the same time (arc size varies depending on cutter diameter).
  • Will raise a curved panel up to 6" radius both on rails and panels.
  • Hydraulic pump unit for accurate table speed control.
  • Simple guide system follows templates for curved or arched profiles and is quickly repositioned for straight machining profiles.
  • Cutterhead knives can be stacked on the same spindle to eliminate changing machines to machine door parts.
  • Easy stop system for door stiles or rail lengths.
  • Heavy-duty 15 HP motor, allows for high speed cutterhead to eliminate unnecessary sanding.
  • Full length hold down bar to ensure flat profiling or machining on parts.
  • More than one part may be milled at one time.
  • Easy positioning of parts on a precision ground, cast iron table ensures accurate stile rail and panel machining and alignments.
  • Will machine door stiles up to 96" in length.







Operating Length                   







4500 lbs

Air supply required                

100 psi


230/460 volt 3 phase

Spindle Diameter                   

40 m/m

Spindle Height                       


Spindle rpm                            

7000 rpm

Main Spindle Motor               

15 HP

Hydraulic Motor                    

1 HP

Feed Speed                            

0-80 fpm

Depth of Radius Cut             


Minimum Radius Cut            

6" (based on cutter diameter)

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