Striebig Standard Vertical Panel Saw

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Striebig Standard Vertical Panel Saw

This is the STRIEBIG STANDARD. For many years it has been setting the standard in the universal class for vertical sawing. Thanks to its flexibility and its expandability, it is an ideal panel saw for companies of all sizes.

The STRIEBIG STANDARD saws a wide variety of panel materials. Utmost precision, accurate cuts with perfect edges every time.

Universally applicable for a wide range of panel materials: Whether chipboard, OSB, MDF, acrylic glass, composite or plastic panels, the STANDARD can be used to precisely cut various materials.

STANDARD TRK1 includes automatically yielding wooden support wall.

STANDARD TRK2 includes automatically yielding aluminium slatted frame.


Standard Equipment:

  • Solid, self-supporting, welded, rigid saw frame
  • Sturdy, durable saw beam steel construction
  • Robust bearing of the motor carriage ensures high cutting precision
  • Powerful, high-torque 5.5 kW motor (7.5 HP)
  • TRK dust extraction
  • Model TRK 1 with automatically yielding wooden support wall
  • Model TRK 2 with automatically yielding aluminium slatted frame and plastic supports
  • Device for wall mounting
  • 17-fold roller support with 3 brake pedals (model 6224)
  • Strip cutting gauge for repeat cuts
  • Program cam button for recurring dimensions
  • Small workpiece support made of aluminium
  • Super-silent noise insulation to reduce saw blade noise
  • Mechanical motor brake


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