Striebig Compact & Compact Plus Vertical Panel Saws

Striebig Compact & Compact Plus Vertical Panel Saws

The STRIEBIG COMPACT is flexible and economical to use. It is the entry-level into the precision and quality world of vertical STRIEBIG panel saws and offers all important features for precise results in wood processing.

COMPACT machines are ideal for the small to medium-sized cabinet shop, closet manufacturer, solid surface fabricator, or as an offline saw in a high-production shop. They are built to the same exacting standards as the top-of-the-line EVOLUTION & CONTROL, but suited to shops that primarily cut one sheet at a time, though they have the ability to cut up to 3 sheets of 3/4” material at once.

Standard Equipment:

  • Solid, self-supporting, welded, rigid saw frame
  • Sturdy, durable saw beam steel construction
  • Robust bearing of the motor carriage ensures high cutting precision
  • Strong, low-vibration 3.9 kW motor (5.3 HP)
  • TRK dust extraction
  • Automatically yielding aluminium slatted frame with plastic supports
  • Device for wall mounting
  • Up to 17-fold roller support with 3 brake pedals
  • Up to 5.50 m long, divided central support at optimum working height, with aluminium grids
  • Up to 5.65 m long, integrated small workpiece support made of wood
  • Super-silent noise insulation to reduce saw blade noise
  • Electromagnetic motor brake

Standard sizes are the super space-saving 5’x10’ cutting COMPACT and the 5’ x 15’ capacity COMPACT Plus, but are available in nine frame sizes.

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Compact & Compact Plus

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