Striebig 4D Vertical Panel Saw

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Striebig 4D Vertical Panel Saw

STRIEBIG 4D – space and time in perfect symbiosis

A STRIEBIG 4D is the tailor-made solution for your company and your requirements. Customizing is the order of the day. The entire horizontal and vertical transport of the workpiece through the STRIEBIG 4D is fully automatic. The saw thus combines smooth cutting with effortless 1-man operation.

With the fully automatic panel lowering device PAV, the programmable panel feeder PPS and the equipment package STRIEBIG ExpertCut 4D, the STRIEBIG 4D offers unique equipment options.

The fully automatic panel lowering device ensures that the panel material passes through the machine smoothly and vertically.

The PAV clamps are coated and designed for sensitive surfaces. The clamps hold panels weighing up to 130 kg (286.6 LBS) per lowering device.

The fully automatic, programmable panel feeder ensures the horizontal transport of the workpiece.

The panel lies securely on the roller support. The panel feeder grips the panel with its special clamp and positions it with 0.1 mm precision. Done.

With the equipment package STRIEBIG ExpertCut 4D, the STRIEBIG 4D offers intelligent and convenient cutting optimisation. The program facilitates an automatic cutting sequence with an optimum sawing procedure and the best possible material utilisation. This ensures consistency in the production process and allows the workpiece to be marked directly from the label printer.


Standard Equipment:

  • 12" touch screen computer with optimum operator guidance
  • Laser-supported display of the horizontal cut
  • Digital measuring system DMS-X
  • Electronic positioning system for horizontal cutting EPS-Y
  • Automatic saw beam locking with interface recognition
  • Automatic tilting of the saw unit in vertical or horizontal cutting position
  • Automatic insertion and removal of the saw unit
  • Automatic panel end recognition
  • Automatic movement of the riving knife
  • Infinitely variable feed speed 10-25 m/min
  • Selectable sawing cycle
  • Pneumatic clutch for easy changeover to manual operation
  • Operating time counter
  • Tool database
  • ALU centre support over the entire machine length
  • ProLock Easy-Fix tool clamping system
  • Light curtain monitors the danger zone of the 4D and ensures a high level of safety during operation
  • USV 24VDC for Touch-PC (UPS uninterruptible power supply)
  • Integrated, especially powerful TRK dust extraction. Dust limit value around 1 mg/m³
  • Super-silent noise insulation

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