OMGA 8.5" Double Mitre Chop Saw TRF 527 NC

OMGA 8.5" Double Mitre Chop Saw  TRF 527 NC

The TRF 527 NC is a double mitre saw suitable for cutting glass beading strips as well as other materials for mitres and straight cuts. The right head is fixed and the left head is moveable through a motorized transmission system. The onboard controller counts on a 7" Touch-Screen Display, which allows the operator to position the moveable the head, by simply entering the desired position. The left head is positioned on ball bushings and slides on hardened steel guides, which makes the transition easy and precise. Both heads are equipped with two fences placed at different levels to allow the cutting of two strips at once. The intermediate fence can be removed to allow the cutting of one workpiece of a larger cross section. The placement and removal, as well as clamping of the work piece, is made easier by two 90 degree pneumatic clamps. The system comes with two carbide tipped blades of 8.5" (220 mm) diameter.

8.5" Double Mitre Chop Saw 1.5 HP Motors Width Cutting Capacity 2" Thickness Capacity 1 1/2" Length Capacity 7'10"

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TRF 527 NC

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