Cantek HD Multi Rip Saw MRS350 HD

Cantek HD Multi Rip Saw  MRS350 HD

Cantek Multi Rip Saw  MRS350 HD features straight line caterpillar feeding with heavy-guided chain.


  • The Frame is cast iron, all the main parts are enclosed, ensuring protection and perfect stability
  • Straight line caterpillar feeding with Heavy Guided Chain. Chain blocks are special cast iron with heat treated & precision ground pins
  • Nickel chrome steel 55mm dia. Saw Arbor with 70 mm OD with dble. keyed Quick Removal Sleeve
  • Powered Rise & Fall to the Pressure Rollers
  • New style round Fence Bar support with Quick-Shift Long Fence
  • Long Infeed Fence with Heavy Round Bar for mounting for control of long material (not shown in picture above)
  • Automatic Centralized lubrication system
  • Automatic Star-Delta Starter (slow-soft speed start) and low voltage controls
  • 3 sets of Anti-Kickback Fingers 2 top, 1 bottom
  • Overload Protection System for feed motor.  The feed chain slows down automatically when the saws are overloaded. This prevents damage to the material and machine.  It also prolongs saw life.
  • Comes with 1 set of spacers and removable saw sleeve
  • C.E style European Guard & Safety Features
  • Electrics are 230, 460 or 575 Volts 3 phase 60 cycles to UL/CSA Standards



Maximum working Thickness 5.3” (135 mm) with 16” Saws
Maximum Distance between Outside Saws 13.78” (350 mm)
Distance from column to link chain center 14.961” (380 mm)
Minimum length to cut – standard      25.591” (650mm) (to 19.7”-500mm w/Short Stock holdown–option)
Max. Saw Blade Diameter 16” (380 mm)
Min. saw Blade Diameter 10” (250 mm)
Sawblade bore 70mm – double keyed
Saw Arbor Diameter 55 mm
Saw Arbor Motors Available 50 HP (Std) , 60HP or 75HP or 100HP - Optional
Saw Arbor Speed 3800 RPM (50/60 HP); 3000 RPM (75/100HP)
Variable Feed Speeds 24~100 FPM (7.5 ~ 30 m/min)
Feed Motor 2 HP std. (3 HP optional for extra heavy cutting)
Power rise/fall to pressure rollers 1 HP
Table height from floor 29.33” (745 mm)
Table size 72” x 31.5” (1840 mm x 800 mm)
Machine dimensions 92” x 61” x 59” (2340 x 1550 x 1510 mm)
Machine Weight 5280 lbs. (2400 kgs.)
Shipping weight 5940 lbs. (2700 kgs.)
Shipping dimensions 82” x 66”x63” (2090 x 1680 x 1600 mm)
Voltage – to UL/CSA Standards available 230, 460 or 575/3/60 (please specify)
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