Cantek Heavy Duty Multi Rip Saw MRS155

Cantek Heavy Duty Multi Rip Saw MRS155

Cantek Heavy Duty Multi Rip Saw MRS155 features an extra robust 100 HP motor.


  • Extra Robust 100 HP motor.
  • Great cutting thickness of 155mm (6.1").
  • Continuous duty 100 HP arbor motor allows deep cutting speeds of thick lumber.
  • MRS155 has a massive cast iron base, composing the majority of total machine weight of 2700kg. This design provides incredible absorption characteristics under deep cutting, especially while performing thick lumber ripping with a multi-blade setup.
  • Precision chain and rails (dip chain) system facilitates accurate cutting operations.
  • Link chain feed made of special cast iron, high-grade steel connecting pins are heat-treated and precision ground.
  • 3 anti-kickback fingers; 2 top and 1 bottom row.
  • Digitally controlled lubricator for feed chain ensures a permanent oil film between the chain and the guide rails. If there is insufficient oil in the tank, the warning lamp lights up and the feed chain stops running automatically.
  • Electrical amperage display protects overload of the saw motor by slowing the link chain down automatically.


  • CE safety guard (not shown).
  • Long infeed fence with round bar (not shown).




Max. Cutting Thickness

155 mm

Max. Cutting Width

350 mm

Distance of Fixed Inside Blade to Column

380 mm

Min. Working Length

700 mm

Max. Saw Blade Diameter

450 mm (18")

Min. Saw Blade Diameter

355 mm (14")

Saw Blade Bore

70 mm

Saw Arbor Diameter

55 mm

Saw Arbor Speed
            (using 16"-18" saw blade)

2500 rpm

Saw Arbor Speed
            (using 16"-18" saw blade)

3000 rpm

Saw Arbor Motor

75 HP

Feed Motor

3 HP

Variable Feed Speed

2.5-24 m/min

Powered Raise and Lower of Roller Group

1 HP

Dust Hood Diameter

200 mm

Table Height (pass line)

745 mm

Table Area (L x W)

1840 x 790 mm

Overall Dimensions   (L x W x H)

23040 x 1720 x 1600 mm

Packing Dimensions  (L x W x H)

2090 x 1720 x 1600 mm

Net Weight

2700 kgs

Gross Weight

3000 kgs


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