Cantek 24" 4 to 6 Shifting Blade Multi Rip Saw MRS610M

Cantek 24" 4 to 6 Shifting Blade Multi Rip Saw  MRS610M

Cantek 24" 4 to 6 Shifting Blade Multi Rip Saw  MRS610M is equipped to shift 4 saws independently or 2 saws per shifter (optional as a cluster).


  • The Main frame is cast iron.
  • HD precision straight line feeding caterpillar chain type.
  • Fully programmable position sets or infinitely variable foot pedal position set.
  • User friendly touch screen control.
  • Quick saw blade positioning by servo motor.
  • Blade positioning by electronic joystick control (efficient & quick) or the touch screen controls.
  • Equipped to shift 4 saws independently or 2 saws per shifter (optional as a cluster) on the with a single or bank of saws on the inside or the saw can be set up to gang rip, if desired.
  • Short stock cutting device - included.
  • Pneumatic pressure to the hold-down feed rollers.
  • Specially designed and patent pending precision glide lock - nickel chrome steel saw arbor & 4 shifting saw bushings are equipped with specially designed rollers.
  • 3 rows of anti-kickback fingers (2 top & 1 bottom).
  • Variable feeding speeds of 16' - 200' min. (5-60m/min).
  • Laser light system including 6-15mw lasers. This laser light package provides the optimum in both defecting and maximum yield (Included).
  • Powered top & bottom outfeed rollers.
  • Digitally controlled centralized lubrication system.
  • 14" dia. precision carbide saw blades.
  • Automatic Star-Delta Starter (low amperage soft start).
  • All electrical components are CSA, UL, CE and NEMA approved.
  • Electrics to 230/460 or 575 volts 3 phase 60 cycles to UL/CSA Standards or 380 or 415/3/50.


  • Additional setting saw system - complete (2 avail. to max. 6 setting saws).
  • Hydraulic quick lock shaft to be used in combination with shifting saw system for quick locking of non-shifting blades into position.
  • Quick set mechanical-loc saw sleeve mounted for fast accurate sure holding in any stationary position desired.


Feed chain with easily replaceable bot in cast steel pads - standard fairly aggressive tooth design:

Feed chain with easily Replaceable bolt in steel pads ground down to 1/8" square tip - add to the above replaceable bolt in cast steel pads price.

Feed chain with easily replaceable urethane non-mark strip Inserts - vulcanized to metal backing bars and bolted in place.



Max. Cutting Width

24" (610 mm)

Max. Cutting Thickness of Moveable Saw
            (w/o pressure plate)

3.3" (3.9") 85 (100) mm

Max. Cutting Thickness of Multiple Rip Saw
            (w/o pressure plate)

3.7" (4.3") 95 (110) mm

Number of Moveable Saws

3 - 6

Max. Material Width of pass-through

35.4" (900 mm)

Max. Saw Blade Diameter

14" (355 mm)

Saw Arbor Diameter

2.8" (70 mm)

Saw Arbor Motor

50 HP
(optional up to 125HP)

Variable Feed Speed

25 - 200 FPM (8-60M/min)

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