Vac-U-Clamp Thermo Foil Vacuum Press FT 900

Vac-U-Clamp Thermo Foil Vacuum Press FT 900

The Thermo Foil FT Series can easily meet a tough production demand schedule for 1000 to 5000 parts per week, be it small cabinet doors for kitchen remodels or large 4×8 barn door sliders for the living area.

Constructed of high strength aluminum & steel in an Oceanside, California facility, the FT Series comes in three different sizes.

The FT-900 is the medium production model and flagship thermo foil press.  Small in foot print but large on output, the FT-900 is easily capable of finishing 1000 parts per week.  Built with the single operator in mind, this design has an automated hinge style lifting top that actuates with a touch of a button.

All of the FTs come standard equipped with a 9″ digital touch screen for ultimate ease of control and operation, 20,000+ watts of heat for fast reliable heating capability for consistent quality in your part production and a state of the art, digital PLC control panel for safety, reliability and pre-set capability to store favorite film preheat times, draw down durations and other heat recipes when programming for different types of thermo films.

Available in 220/240 VAC or 440/460/480 VAC 3 phase Power options and all electrical components are UL, CSA or CE listed, approved or certified.

Onsite training available.

Working Size:  52" x 105"


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FT 900

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