Vac-U-Clamp The SP Series Vacuum Press

Vac-U-Clamp The "S/P" Series Vacuum Press

The SP Series has been the flagship vacuum press for Vac-U-Clamp and its users for over 25 years.  Made in the USA by American hands, this versatile vacuum press is well suited for any woodworking shop with vacuum laminating/forming and veneering applications.  Designed with production, budget, durability and quality in mind, the S/P Series Press is available in standard sizes 4×8 and 5×10 and includes standard equipment such as oil-cooled, rotary vane vacuum pumps, heavy industrial grade aluminum, silicon membrane and a thick table & lower shelf.  Custom sizes are available also.  The SP Series vacuum press is a true workhorse for any pro woodwork shop, school or college, serious privateer or anxious novice; Not to be confused with the cheap overseas extruded aluminum tables that won’t last but a few years. 

SP Series Available Sizes:

  • SP-6400 – 4’ x 6’ – working space 51”x 76”
  • SP-8400 – 4’ x 8’ – working space 51”x 99”
  • SP-10500 – 5’ x 10’ – working space 60”x 120”
  • SP-12500 – 5’ x 12’ – working space 60”x 140”

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Features that Set the SP Series Apart:

  • The platens, made of 3/4” MDF laminated and edge banded on four sides, are permanently mounted to a 2” square, heavy-duty frame that is welded with supporting cross bars and powder coated for extra durability.
  • The membrane is 2 mm (0.080 silicone); 0.030 polyurethane 3” is optional. 
  • The top frame is our exclusive 2” aluminum extrusion and is assisted in lifting with a matched set of air springs. 
  • German made 10 CFM oil-cooled rotary vane vacuum pump producing 29" Hg... near absolute vacuum. 
  • Casters standard. 
  • Lower shelf standard.
  • Auxiliary vacuum port standard. 
  • Unique sealing gasket tested for over 1000 cycles with no loss of compression or sealing ability. 
  • Shipped completely set up and assembly required.
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SP Series

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