Vac-U-Clamp TP Series Vacuum Press

Vac-U-Clamp TP Series Vacuum Press

The TP Series vacuum press was introduced 15 years ago and continues to be a very popular model for schools & colleges, home wood shops or for the PRO who already has a working table but just needs a membrane.  Made here in America, the TP Series is a table press without the table.  That’s where you come in.  Made from the same aircraft aluminum as the SP Series, the TP Series will sit on the table you already have in your shop and be connected to a vacuum pump you already have too.  Perfect for small veneering or forming jobs & projects. 

TP Series Available Sizes:

  • TP-2436 – 2′ x 3′  –  working space 20″ x 32″
  • TP-3648 – 3′ x 4′  –  working space 32″ x 44″ 
  • TP-4860 – 4′ x 6′  –  working space 44″ x 68″ 

Custom Sizes Available – Call for more information.

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TP Series

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