Cantek 43" Wide Planer PR1100N

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Cantek 43" Wide Planer  PR1100N

The Cantek 43" Wide Planer  PR1100N is designed with user friendly controls. Planing the material prior to sanding allows increased efficiency. The spiral insert cutterhead produces a fine finish while requiring less horsepower than traditional straight knives.  The digital thickness control allows for precise adjustment of the conveyor belt to 0.001” resolution.  Special emphasis has been made for safe operation of this machine with emergency devices on the infeed, outfeed, conveyor table, and access doors.


Head No. 1 Spiral Cutterhead

  • Solid steel Cutterhead 6” diameter, 6 rows insert
  • Carbide knife inserts in spiral pattern for superior chip removal, minimum noise, and extremely smooth cutting effect
  • 280 knives of 14x14mm x 2mm. Air wrench for knife change included
  • Cutterhead can be raised or lowered by turning a handwheel. A graduated scale is provided to indicate the thickness adjustment
  • Changing and rotating the knives is easily performed by opening the panel on the front of the machine and will open and close automatically by pneumatic cylinders. The cutterhead does not need to be removed from the machine.
  • Sectional infeed pressure shoe, spring loaded
  • Caliper Thickness Setting

Microcomputer with Digital Readout

  • Table is raised and lowered by a digital controller

Conveyor Belt Tracking Control

  • The conveyor belt is pneumatically controlled to effectively prevent the fed belt from tracking off to one side

Conveyor Variable Speed Unit

  • The conveyor belt speed is controlled by variable speed pulley (inverter is optional).
  • Feed speed can be varied as desired to suit all types of planning requirements
  • Hour meter for maintenance control

Safety Features

  • Emergency stops on front and rear of machine
  • Safety push bar on infeed table
  • Safety lever bar will shut down the machine and prevent damage caused by feeding over thickness material
  • Full set of kickback fingers on cutterhead infeed for safety

Centralized Control Panel

  • The central control panel is conveniently located to assist the operator to control the machine with ease

Brushing Roller

  • To clean panel for efficient dust collection on outfeed of machine

Hold Down Pressure System

  • Infeed rubber pressure roller
  • Sectional infeed shoe, spring loaded, before cutterhead
  • Solid pressure shoe after cutterhead
  • Outfeed rubber pressure roller




Working Width


Working Height


Cutterhead Motor

25 HP

Feed Motor

3 HP

Brush Roller

½ HP

Table Hoist Motor

½ HP

Cutterhead Diameter


Feed Speeds - Variable

10 ~ 52.5 FPM

Machine Weight

4409 lbs.

Shipping Weight

5070 lbs.

Machine Dimensions

98” x 70” x 80”

Shipping Dimensions

102” x 74” x 89


Available 230, 460, 575/3/60


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