Castaly 36" x 103" One Planer, Two Sanders WS-NDA900

Castaly 36" x 103" One Planer, Two Sanders  WS-NDA900

Castaly 36" x 103" One Planer, Two Sanders  WS-NDA900 is one of several options available. Please review the features and specifications of each to find the one that best meets your needs.


  • This machine is especially designed for tale off heavy material such as glue panel, bend board, rough lumber.
  • The first station is a knife planer head, followed with a combination drum & platen head at second station.
  • Head configuration can be made to meet customer's requirement.
  • The spiral planer cutter head is fitted with 14 x 14 mm, four edge throw away Tungsten Carbide knife inserts, providing superior chip removal rate, minimum noise, and extremely smooth cutting effect.
  • Changing knife inserts are conveniently done without removing the cutterhead. The spiral cutterhead is precision machined from special aluminum alloy steel by CNC machine center, tempered and precision ground.
  • Anti-kickback fingers, mounted at the infeed of the machine, this anti-kickback finger gives a safety guard for the operator.
  • Insufficient pressure protection, in case insufficient working air pressure occurs, the machine brakes automatically for safety guard.
  • Irreversible running of pressure roller, runs a single direction only, giving an additional safety guard for panel kickback.
  • Automatic elevation of conveyor table (micro-computer controlled with digital readout), it accurately displays the position of the conveyor table and automatically moves to the setting thickness for planning, sanding.
  • Panel cleaning brush roller; built at outfeed end of the machine, this cleaning brush roller clean the powder on the sanded panel.
  • Hold-down plate is hard chrome treated for maximum wear resistance.




Working Width


Working Thickness


Min. Working Length


Main Motor


25, 20, 20 HP

Feeding Motor

3 HP

Table Hoist Motor

½ HP

Feeding Speed


10 ~ 53 FPM

Sanding Belt Size

37" x 75"

Machine Size

(L x W x H)

98" x 84" x 81"


8200 LBS


9100 LBS

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