American Rotary 3 HP Rotary Phase Converter

American Rotary 3HP Rotary Phase Converter

Now that you have determined that the 3 HP rotary phase converter is the correct size for your application, American Rotary has some exclusive choices for you - ones that you cannot find anywhere else.  

Mechanical Controls (AR Series): Delivers the voltage balance required for CNC and other voltage-sensitive equipment, and is also advantageous to non-CNC three phase loads. Perfect for standard & heavy duty equipment including CNC, VFD & other voltage sensitive applications

Digital Controls (AD Series): The best performance and protection to the phase converter start circuit and idler/generator, and they allow for increased torque that can be required for extreme starting loads while maintaining precise voltage balancing. If the AR series is like a carbureted engine, the AD series is fuel injected…more powerful, reliable, and precise. Runs w/fully programmable MicroSmart controller

ADX Series: In addition to the AD, the ADX series adds nitrous… 250% more starting power, for compressors, pumps, flywheel loads, etc. w/fully programmable MicroSmart controller. ADX models have current control to provide consistent torque while starting high inertia, extremely hard starting loads, yet are precise enough for CNC applications.

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3 HP