Safety Speed Mfg V-Grooving Saw/Router Combo Model SR5UA

Safety Speed Mfg V-Grooving Saw/Router Combo Model: SR5UA

The SR5UA includes a heavier 3 HP worm drive saw motor and a 3¼ HP router motor.  Just like its SR5A counterpart, this machine allows operators to saw and rout on one vertical steel frame with more power and durability.  The unique design of this unit also allows for accurate cutting and V-Grooving of ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels.  This machine comes fully equipped with accessories designed and specified for V-Grooving applications. 

Standard Equipment:

  • 3 HP worm drive saw motor.
  • 3 1/4 HP heavy-duty router motor.
  • 10 ft. Welded steel frame.
  • Chrome plated 1¾" guide tubes.
  • 8 Nylatron roller bearing systems.
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.
  • Quick change from vertical and horizontal cutting.
  • Thin material pressure guard.
  • Solid aluminum material rollers.
  • Counterweight system.
  • Adjustable floating router head.
  • MID-WAY FENCE™ with stop.
  • 4 material clamps.
  • 2 blind dado stops.
  • Wheels.
  • Fixed Stand.
  • Extensions.
  • Left and right quick stop gauges.
  • MID-WAY FENCE™ flip stop.
  • Dust hood and hose kit.
  • Hold down bar.
  • Specialty saw blade and router bit for V-grooving.
  • 1 year parts warranty.




Max. Crosscut

62"/1575 mm

Max. Rip Cut


Max. Cut Thickness

1¾"/ 45 mm

Cut Accuracy, Straight and Square

1/64"/ 0,4 mm


120V, 15 amp


120V, 11 amp

Frame Length

120"/3050 mm

Shipping Weight

548 lbs./ 248 kg

Product Code: