US Concepts Notcher for Beaded Face Frames CHF-270-A

US Concepts Notcher for Beaded Face Frames  CHF-270-A

The CHF-270-A Hauncher -Notcher is designed to make cuts (notches) along the edge of the beaded face frame material. Easily cut a notch in the end of the moulding, in the center, or clip the chamfer with a special pop-up fixture. Equipped with a 1.25” horizontal spindle that moves up hydraulically past the table with the clamped material.  A backup board in the table, climb cut and precision lineal ball bearings assure a clean cut, even on cross grain. Material air clamps and spindle motion are actuated by a foot switch. This machine may work in manual mode with the optional flip stops or could be easily synchronized with an automatic positioning system like TigerStop, RazorGage or others.

Machine Details:

  • Maximum face frame material 6” x 1 ½”
  • Heavy duty precision spindle assembly – 1 ¼” dia x 2
  • Cutter Diameter – 7”
  • Precision lineal vertical ball bearing slides
  • Precision notch depth adjustment with SIKO counter
  • Hydro-check feed system with precise feed speed adjustment
  • Replaceable chip breakers
  • Pneumatic clamps in two planes
  • Low vibration micro-V belt
  • Adjustable pneumatic front pusher
  • Pop-up adjustable stop for chamfering operation
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