W&H Molder Variable Speed Model 209

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W&H Molder Variable Speed Model 209

The W&H Model 209 is the best option for customers that are either looking for a portable molder or home owners that are limited to 115V power.  Same as Model 206, the 209 also features variable feed and has multi-pass capabilities providing an unbeatable combination ensuring a smooth and clean molding finish.

Variable feed allows you to adjust the speed from 0-19 feet per minute as your stock runs through the molder.

Multi-pass allows the user to raise the head 3/16" above the stock height while keeping adequate roller pressure on the stock eliminating chatter.


Feed Type: 0-19 fpm, variable feed
Knife Motor: 1 1/2 HP (3480 rpm)
Voltage: 115V (20 AMP REQUIRED)
Phase: 1
Arbor RPM's: 6960
Machine Base: Stationary Steel Construction: 28”L x 22”W x 33”H
Guide System: 22"L x 11 3/4"W x 1/2"H, HDPE
Maximum Profile Depth ¾” Maximum Height Above Final Cut 3⁄16”
Maximum Profile Width 6 ¾” Maximum Stock Thickness 8”
Minimum Stock Length 9” Planes 7” Wide
Minimum Stock Thickness ¼”  
Overall Machine Dimensions: 28”L x 22”W x 50”H
Working Height: 35”
Package Weight: 218 lbs
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Model 209

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