Castaly 4" x 6" 3-Side Planer, Moulder SM-3006

Castaly 4" x 6" 3-Side Planer, Moulder  SM-3006

Castaly 4" x 6" 3-Side Planer, Moulder  SM-3006 is the most cost effective small to medium shop push-feed moulder.  If you try to run your short runs of special moulding at lower prices, this machine could be your answer.


  • Solidly built with cast and steel plate construction, this is one moulder that will give you a foot up on the competition at an affordable price.
  • Precision cast and steel plate construction to ensure a smooth finished product.
  • Two vertical and one 1 1/4" horizontal spindles driven by an individual industrial motor allowing smooth cutting on three surfaces simultaneously.
  • Alloy steel spindle for durability usage.
  • Two power infeed rollers feed the material to push previous pieces through moulding process then come out from the end.
  • 2 belts driving at each spindle for maximum cutting power.
  • Top and side pressure hold down to ensure smooth finish.
  • Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • Precision sealed long-life bearing.
  • Heavy cast iron frames and table for durability usage.


Table Size
47" L x 10" W
Moulding Capacity (Max.)
6" W x 5" H
Moulding Capacity (Min.)
¼" W x ½" H
Top Spindle Size
35 MM x 6" L
Side Spindle Size
1¼" x 3½" L
Spindle Travel
Spindle Speed
7000 RPM
Feed Speed
10' ~ 56'
Max. Cutter
Spindle Motor
5 HP x 1, 3 HP x 2
Feed Motor
½ HP
220 V, 3 PH
Dust Hood
4" x 4"
Overall Dimensions
51" L x 43" W x 41" H
Top Pressure Rollers
Side Pressure Rollers
1210 LBS
1550 LBS
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