Autoquip Series 35 Low Profile Scissor Lift

Autoquip Series 35 Low Profile Scissor Lift

Autoquip S35 Low Profile scissor tables are the most stable, durable, and compact scissor lift in the industry. They offer travel ranges from 24″ to 48″ with lift capacities up to 4,000 lbs. and are manufactured to the highest standard of safety and reliability. Common applications for this scissor lift include improved ergonomics and worker productivity when used for work positioning, conveyor systems, parts assembly/disassembly, and cart positioning.

Features and Benefits

Flexibility and Ease of Use:
  • More models and standard options than any other competitive lift table allows for easy customization to meet your specific needs.
  • Standard controls are prewired and an internal power unit is onboard. Installation simply includes lagging the lift to the ground and connecting electricity.
  • Exceptionally low lowered height allows on and off load flexibility.
  • Single-piece, steel reinforced legs and a 1/4- to 3/8-inch-thick steel platform make for extremely solid construction and easy adaptability.
Durability and Quality:
  • Joints, the most critical wear points in the lift, feature chrome-plated, 100,000 psi, ultimate-strength pins for premium load strength and long life.
  • Solid steel leg and added stiffeners provide optimal overall stability and straight, repeatable tracking of the rollers as the lift raises and lowers.
  • Minimum 1/4-inch-thick steel-reinforced platform minimizes deck deflection, maximizes load stability, and greatly extends the life of the platform deck.
  • Hydraulic velocity fuses completely stop lifts in the unlikely event of uncontrolled descent due to sudden hose rupture.
  • Minimum 3:1 structural factor of safety makes these lifts the most structurally sound in the industry.
  • Compliance with recognized standards.




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