Castaly 44" Auto Back Knife Lathe CL-1240A

Castaly 44" Auto Back Knife Lathe CL-1240A

Castaly 44" Auto Back Knife Lathe CL-1240A is ideal for high production of wide variety turnings.


  • Main frame is made of cast iron with heavy ribbed construction, stress relieved for stability and accuracy.
  • All machine functions are controlled from one conveniently located swiveling panel.
  • This unit automatically lubricates all slides surfaces for maximum wear resistance.
  • The workpiece support collar is automatically lubricated to reduce heat and friction. This allows for smoother cutting and better support.
  • Carriage speed is automatically varied for different turning section.
  • Equipped with a sequence controller; this unit clearly defines each function of the machine as it is happening. If any trouble occurs, the operator is immediately instructed where the trouble is located saving a great deal of time.
  • Hydraulic hopper feeds one stock to the centering device after each turning is accomplished, thus enabling the machine to be fully automatic operation.
  • Easily and quickly adjusts for all size of stock.
  • The tail stock housing is made of FC-25 cast iron for strength and stress relieved for stability.
  • The internal bore is heat-treated to resist wear and precision ground for accuracy.
  • The tool rest is equipped with two U & V pattern knives and driven by hydraulic power which allows for a smooth cutting action and the produce of large, deep-cut turning.
  • The big diameter column is chrome hardened, precision ground for long lasting accuracy.
  • The back knife is securely fastened to the knife bar which is counter balanced to given a smooth, even cutting action.
  • Centralized hydraulic controls: Carriage fast and slow speed, roughing knife pressure and tailstock holding pressure adjustments are all centralized at one convenient location.
  • The back knife slides on precision linear motion guides, providing effortless, smooth movement.




Work Piece Length

4" ~ 44"

Work Piece Dia.

½" ~ 4"

Main Spindle Motor

7½" HP

Oil-hyd. Pump Motor

3 HP

Main Spindle Speed

1800 ~ 3200 RPM


Working Capacity


5 ~ 7 pcs/min for 24"

3 ~ 5 pcs/min for 35"

2 ~ 3 pcs/min for 44"


5830 LBS


6700 LBS

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