Castaly 4' Three Rolls Coater TS-1200RRR

Castaly 4' Three Rolls Coater  TS-1200RRR

The roll coater is well-suited for coating materials as: knockdown furniture, wood toys, wood-figure assembling parts, plastic products, rubbers, leathers, foaming shoes, etc.


  • Designed and built for the best coating performance.
  • They are capable of surface coating, color dying and printing.
  • With the roll coating principle, you simply place the workpieces on the conveyor belt. They will automatically move through the rolls; coating operation is fast accomplished.
  • Uniform coating thickness. You get superior finishing effect without the need of a skilled technician.
  • Rollers are covered with high quality rubber; assures absolute anti-solvent.
  • Top quality resin conveyor belt assures stretch and long service life. Fast cleaning and easy belt tracking with the hand wheel.
  • Working thickness and coating thickness adjustment is easily made with hand wheel.
  • Transmission motor can infinitely variable feed rate 65' ~ 204' per minute suited to coat various lengths of workpieces.
  • Eliminates air pollution problems; clean working environment with safety.
  • A comparison for coating same area of workpiece, the roll coaters can save at least 20% labor cost and 30% coating material than conventional coating method.
  • Free from moisture affecting (foggy) while operation under bad weather, coating wore still can be performed.
  • Increase the coating efficiency, get the best surface finish; the wide versatile LOBO roll coaters are the ideal machines for you.




Max. Coating Width


Max. Coating Thickness

1/12'' ~ 1-1/4"

Mm. Coating Length


Feed Speed (infinitely variable)

68' ~ 204'

Coating Rolls

4 PCs

Conveyor Belt Motor

2 HP

Pump Motor

2 HP

Machine Dimension (L x W x H)

7.5' x 6.0' x 4.5'


1760 LBS


2400 LBS

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