Cantek Automatic Dovetailer JDT75

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Cantek Automatic Dovetailer JDT75

Cantek Automatic Dovetailer JDT75 features 21500 RPM spindle rotation for an extremely fine finish on dovetail joints.


  • High RPM spindle allows for precision machining of plywood & solid drawer sides.
  • Independent adjustment of both the tenon & the mortise depth for precise fitting of dovetail joints.
  • Dust hood for milling cutter.
  • Safety rail in front of spindle motor.
  • High quality pneumatics for smooth feeding, resulting in quality cutting.
  • Cast iron base to ensure vibration-free cutting.
  • Automatic lubrication system to spindle stroke.
  • Three (3) cycle speeds for best finish results.



Working Length

min: 7.87" max: 59"

Working Width

min: 2.36" max: 16.93"

Vertical Material Thickness

0.275" to 2.36"

Horizontal Material Thickness

0.394" to 1.18"



Fixed Pitch

1" (25 mm)

Spindle Speed

21,500 RPM

Cutter Shank Diameter

0.472" (12 mm)

Spindle Motor

2 HP

Feed Motor

2 HP

Feed Speeds (3)

16, 22, 31 cycles/min

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