Omec CNC Automatic Dovetailer F11TS

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Omec CNC Automatic Dovetailer F11TS

This versatile automatic production dovetailer evolved from Omec’s original CNC dovetailer, the F11CN. With a machining area of approximately 30”, the F11TS can produce most any design and size dovetail product desired. The F11TS, with spindle speeds of 18,500 rpm, can accommodate a variety of tooling to produce the dovetail effect desired by operator including box cuts, French dovetails, alternating pitch, etc. Control of spindle location, machining speed, tooling variance, height of pin, depth of joint, location of joint, and number of joints are all controlled by CNC. The new TS model utilizes touch screen control for easier and faster operator inputs and a better visual representation of the machine operation. Additional modifications include the positioning servo now equipped with an absolute encoder eliminating X and Y axis limit switches. This makes the Omec F11TS even faster and more precise than previous models. The Omec F11 machines are well proven and have been imported by Macoser in the U.S. since the late 90’s.




On Board Machine Installed Power

6.1 HP

Working Pressure

Mpascal 0.7

Number of Spindles


Spindle Revolutions

18,000 RPM

Distance Between Centers of Joints

Variable or Fixed

Drawer Production

60 n/h

Machine Weight

1,210 lbs (550 kg)

Machine Packaged Weight

1,430 lbs (650 kg)

Overall Dimensions

33.5" x 65.0" x 47.24"
(85 cm x 165 cm x 120 cm)

Packaging Dimensions

39.37" x 72.83" x 56.3"
(100 cm x 185 cm x 143 cm)

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