MIKRON Large-Size Automatic Rosette Maker R300

MIKRON Large-Size Automatic Rosette Maker R300

When size matters, you need the MIKRON Automatic Rosette Maker R300. Consider the possibilities of producing upto 350 8" rosettes in an hour. 

Step up to the next level in Rosette production...

When size matters, you can rely on the MIKRON R300 Automatic Rosette Maker for all your large size rosette requirements. Designed with the same features as the MIKRON R200 Automatic Rosette Maker, the MIKRON R300 simply does things BIGGER!

And just like the MIKRON R200, wood blanks are stacked in the hopper, the cutting head is aligned and the rest is left up to the MIKRON R300, producing up to 350 8" rosettes per hour.


  • Automatic loading and clamping.
  • Hydraulic feed.
  • Handles 5-1/2" to 8" squares.
  • 3500 RPM cutter speed.
  • Automatic ejection.
  • Produces upto 350 rosettes per hour.
  • 3 HP motor - single or 3-phase, Motor by Baldor.
  • Uses standard rosette corrugated 2-knife cutting heads. One 4-3/4" included by Mikron at no charge.




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