Dotul Heavy Duty Door Unloader DT-540

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Dotul Heavy Duty Door Unloader DT-540
Dotul Heavy Duty Door Unloader DT-540

The Dotul Heavy Duty Door Unloader DT-540 is used to offload doors from a vertical door machine on to an assembly table or door cart. The unloader eliminates the need for the operator to physically pick up the door, rotate the door and place it on an assembly table. Built into the operation of the unloader is a feature which allows the operator to stand the door straight up once the door has been positioned on the unloader. This gives the operator an ergonomically friendly lifting position so the door can be placed on a door cart or rack.


  • Compatible with most vertical door machines.
  • Vertical unloading capability makes it ergonomically friendly for loading door carts.
  • Machine will rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal position, with 90 degree locking points.
  • Quick release handle for tilting or rotating operation.
  • Easy adjustable roller positioning.
  • Connecting arms with rollers allow the door to easily be transferred from a door machine to the unloader without lifting.
  • Adjustable infeed and outfeed height allow the unlaoder to be used with most vertical door machines or assembly tables.
  • Foot control for tilting operation makes it easy for the operator.
  • No electrical power supply required, air only.




Door Width

up to 48”

Door Height

up to 108”

Door Thickness

up to 2¼"

Door Weight

up to 200 lbs

Infeed Roller Height Adjustment

8" to 14"

Outfeed Height Adjustment

36" to 41"

Connector Roller Lengths

(1) 64", (1) 36"

Unloader Dimensions

W 42" x L 52" x H 32"-40"

Unloader Weight

650 lbs

Air Supply Required

90 psi

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