OMGA Optimizing & Cut Off Saw T 523 OPT

OMGA Optimizing & Cut Off Saw  T 523 OPT

A pneumatic tail clamp system ensures the accurate handling of the boards, during the positioning in between each cut. Two horizontal clamps self-adjust based on the cross section of the workpiece and ensure that the board is square against the fence before each cut. The marking of the defects is done through a fluorescent crayon. The phase of reading the defect marks and length of the board occurs automatically, during the return stroke of the pusher. The NC controller associated with the industrial 10.4" touch screen PC allows for easy data entry as well as an intuitive means to access all the optimization programs. A USB port, as well as an Ethernet RJ45 port, allows the connection to company networks. The statistical data on the program being executed are always available to view by the operator, without interrupting the cycle of the machine. The T 523 OPT is capable of handling three different grades of material simultaneously.




Max. Piece Thickness

4 5/16”

Max. Piece Width

9 7/16”

Min. Infeed Length

13’ – 20’

Max. Feed Speed

400 FPM

Saw Blade Motor Power

6 HP

Saw Blade Diameter

(20” optional)

Feed Motor Power

5 HP cc

Cutting Speed

0.2 – 1.0 sec

Average Number of Cuts

25 - 35 min

Product Code: 
T 523 OPT

Used Machinery