OMGA Optimizing & Cut Off Saw T 521 ST

OMGA Optimizing & Cut Off Saw  T 521 ST

Pneumatic adjustable speed up-stroke pneumatically activated through a foot pedal control. Automatic workpiece clamping in cycle with blade stroke. The clamp also acts as the blade guard and ensures total safety for the operator. The unit is best suited for length cutting and defect removal. On request T 521 ST can be equipped with infeed and outfeed roller table with scale for positioning of manual or pneumatic flip over stops.

Optional Equipment:

  • 9' Outfeed Table with Fence
  • 12' Outfeed Table with Fence
  • 9' Table with Rollers and Fence
  • 12' Table with Rollers and Fence
  • 5' Motorized Outfeed Conveyor Belt
  • 10' Motorized Outfeed Conveyor Belt
  • Balancing Moveable Stop
  • Pneumatic Moveable Stop
  • Pneumatic Bridge Stop w/manual Controls
  • Pneumatic Bridge Stop w/automatic Controls




Max. Cutting Width

12 5/8”

Max. Cutting Depth

5 ½”

Motor Power

7 HP

Saw Blade Bore

35 mm

Saw Blade Diameter

(20” optional)

Arbor Speed RPM


Dust Chute


Overall Dimensions

28” x 37” x 39”

Product Code: 
T 521 ST

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