LIMTECH Industries Orion Series CNC Routers

LIMTECH Industries Orion Series CNC Routers

The Orion series is built like a tank from table frame construction to the size of the components used, three linear guide bearings installed per each guide rail on all X, Y and Z-axis. It is twice the machine as compared to our entry industrial Centaurus series. The Orion series is our flagship series. Now with FANUC controller including monitor/keypad, servos, drivers, amplifiers, plc, backed by 2 years warranty by FANUC AMERICA!

Suitable milling-routing applications include wood, plastic, composite and other non-ferrous metal materials.


  • HSD 12 HP maintenance-free spindle
  • 8-position automatic tool changer with automatic tool length calibration is a carousel type that travels with the spindle
  • Delta industrial controller, servo motors, drivers, spindle frequency inverter
  • Standard industrial controller features such work coordinates, offsets, cutter compensation
  • Phenolic table top with independent common material size vacuum zones system to save setup time
  • Works with any third party CAD-CAM software system that generates standard G-codes
  • Vacuum pump is pre-plumbed to control panel for efficiency and convenience
  • Mobile control panel with MPG hand-held device for ease of operations
  • Automatic table top reference pins for squaring up stock materials
  • Automatic spindle dust enclosure with manual override
  • Spindle brush, ATC, vacuum control buttons
  • USB & Ethernet communication ports
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Automatic homing feature
  • Safety light beams due to extra clearance required with ATC & secondary spindles traveling onboard
  • Custom control panels with feed rate, spindle rpm overrides, extra large monitor and keyboard
  • Precision ball screw on the Y-axis (the moving gantry)
  • Direct drive planetary gearbox system for the X-axis (the length of the machine)
  • Heavier duty table and frame construction

Options & Upgrades:

  • Custom table size
  • Tandem work zones system
  • Vacuum pump systems – 10, 15, 20, 23, 27, 30…50 HP
  • Additional table reference pins, as required
  • 16 HP ISO spindle
  • 12 HP – 18 HP HSK spindle
  • 9-drill spindles L-shape head for X-Y-axis 32 mm boring
  • 8-drill spindles by two rows inline for X-axis 32 mm boring
  • Additional 8-position traveling ATC
  • Additional safety light beams
  • Helical rack-pinion system
  • Aluminum T-slot table top
  • Automatic loading system
  • Automatic off-loading with vacuum cleaning system
  • Off-loading or conveyor table system
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Orion Series

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