Castaly 5' x 10' Rapid CNC Router (Linear 8 Tool Change) RAPID-510

Castaly 5' x 10' Rapid CNC Router (Linear 8 Tool Change)  RAPID-510

Castaly Machinery offers a varity of CNC Routers. Please check features and specifications of each to find the one that best meets your needs.


  • Automatic 8 tools linear type auto tool changer rear table for increased productivity.
  • All “servo motor” driving system: All axis are driven by brush-less type, high torque AC servo motors.
  • CNC controller is setup to accept standard G-code programming formats along with onboard conversational applications.
  • Optional CAD/CAM system can create and edit part programs then send to machine for easy cutting. DXF files can be imported, modified and edited from here to create a G-code.
  • DNC is no longer required as the PC directly stores all part programs in a text editable file.
  • Machine designed ready for 3-D cutting usage and superior performance.
  • Moving gantry construction for space saving.
  • The rigid steel frame construction has been stress relieved prior to finish machining to provide repeatability and accuracy.
  • The HSD spindle uses CP4 DB bearings with a dust-free design. The heavy-duty fan cooling system forces air through the spindle to assist in trouble-free operation.
  • Automatic frequency brake for the spindle allows rapid deceleration resulting in faster tool changes.
  • Linear guides and sliding blocks are prismatic pre-loaded with recirculation bearings to ensure maximum rapid traverse and precision.
  • The X & Y axis are equipped with a precision rack & pinion driving system.
  • The Z axis utilizes a ball screw assembly complete with the pre-loaded and ground screw for long life and optimum accuracy.
  • Special design 6 zone vacuum table surface for powerful hold down.




Control System

Weihong  NK105 G3


12 HP (9.0 kw) Air-cooled Spindle (6,000 - 24,000 RPM)

Bed frame

 Heavy-duty Metal Welding


Vacuum Table  - 6 zones

Driving system

 Servo Motor & Driver

Y Axis Driving System

 Helical Rack and Pinion Drive

X & Z Axis Driving System

 HIWIN Ballscrew (Taiwan)

Axis Square Rails

 HIWIN Linear Square Rails (Taiwan)


Rear Linear 8 tools ISO30, ER32


 11 kW

Electric Parts

 Schneider (France)

Limit Switch

Omron (Japan)

Electrical Wiring

 Siemens (Germany)

Control Switch

Moeller (Germany)

Oil lubrication

 Hand Control with Aluminum Oil Pipe

Machine Working Size

 63’’ X x 126’’ Y x 7-3/4’’ Z

Machine Size (L x W x H)

99” x 149” x 71”

Machine Max. Travel Speed

 2,350 IPM

Machine Max. Working Speed

 1,100 IPM

Machine Power

 3 PH, 220 V, 52 AMP

Machine net weight

4,480 lbs

Tool Length Device


Vacuum Pump


CAD/CAM Software



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