Castaly Auto Metal Material Laser Marking Machine CLC-0404FM

Castaly Auto Metal Material Laser Marking Machine   CLC-0404FM

Castaly Machinery offers several CNC Laser Engravers. Please refer to features and specifications of each to find the one that best meets your needs.


  • Applications for MARKING / CARVING the text, graphics, bar code, 2D bar code at most materials and many industries. Some include but not limited to metal, stainless, wood, leather, marble, glass, paper, rubber, plastic, cloth, acrylic, ABS a, PVC and many more.
  • Durable and steady are key features that ensure long life of motion and +/- 0.01 mm accuracy.
  • Display screen with the USB interface for data input. DSP control system based on the stepper Up-Controller Unit of PCI Lines in PV. It adopts the world advanced DSP controller chip which has the advantage of high speed, stable, strong preventing interference.
  • The software of the machine has multi-functions; supports the file by SAF, DWG, HDGL(PLT), BMF, DXF, CMX,JOB, MCL,BMP and AI which can work with the software of Auto-CAD, CorelDraw, and Photoshop.




Max Marking Area

4” x 4”

Laser Type

Ytterbium Fiber

Operation Type


Laser Power

20 W

Each Pulse Energy

0.51 mj

Laser Wave Length

1060 – 1070 mm

Pause Wave Frequency

20 – 80 kHz

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