Castaly Boring Machine Accessory AF-08 Auto Stop / Pusher

Castaly Boring Machine Accessory AF-08 Auto Stop / Pusher

Castaly Boring Machine AF-08 Auto Stop / Pusher features a programmable controller which can act as an auto stops or auto program sizing pusher for mass production jobs.


  • With programmable controller, it can act as AUTO STOPS or AUTO PROGRAM SIZING PUSHER for mass production jobs.
  • PLC controlled automatic pusher, fence device driven by Servomotor active as: STOPS; just key in the size, it will automatically move to the position, ready for the job size and automatically finish the working cycle.
  • PUSHER FENCE: Just key in all the sizes and each job’s quantities, it will move to the material length, after loaded, it pushes to the first size, automatically completing the work cycle. Then it will keep going for the quantity or the next size inputted. Continues until all the settings are finished, and then it will automatically restart again.
  • Fifty sets of job data memory, extendable: printer, PC link, and unlimited memory.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy for all the jobs require sizing such boring, drilling and cutting.
  • Super traveling speed up to 200 feet per minute.
  • Within 0.004" accuracy.
  • Other lengths are available.




Cutting Capacity

5" x 9" (120 x 240 mm)

Spindle Motors

7.5 HP

Sawblade Sizes

18" x 1" bore

Table Height from Floor

34" (860 mm)

Air Pressure

6 ~ 8 kgs/ cm²

Touch-sensing Screen

6" (145 mm)

Servo Motor (w)


Max. Memory

100 sets

Positioning Speed

20 ~ 50 m/ min

Positioning Accuracy

± 0.01" (±0.15 mm)

Max. Holding Force

2" (50 kg)

Max. Pushing Force

2" (50 kg)

Max. Feed Length

Opt. Length 3 ~ 7 M (Normal Length 2.5 ~ 6.5 M)

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