Quincy Refrigerated Dryers QED

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Quincy Refrigerated Dryers QED

Quincy refrigerated dryers play the important role of removing condensation from compressor systems. Without a dryer, moisture can accumulate in a compressor. With this moisture comes dirt and other particulate matter, which can cause oxidation and other types of premature wear on delicate compressor components. A refrigerated dryer eliminates the problem by cooling moisture in the air to approximately 37°F, where it condenses and can be removed from the compressor system by way of an automatic drain.

Quincy manufactures three main refrigerated dryer product lines: the QPNC non-cycling dryer, the QED cycling dryer, and the QRHT compact high temperature dryer.

QED cycling dryers are among the most efficient products on the market today. They feature a three-stage configuration with a heat exchanger that allows the refrigeration system to be turned on and off as necessary. Our cycling dryers do not require cooling in a glycol bath and are designed to automatically adjust as the operating environment changes.

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