Omec Dovetail Machinery

    • Omec CNC Automatic Dovetailer F11TS

    This versatile automatic production dovetailer evolved from Omec’s original CNC dovetailer, the F11CN. With a machining area of approximately 30”, the F11TS can produce most any design and size dovetail product desired.

    • Omec 750CN Dovetail Machine

    The 750CN is a smaller version of our well received Omec F11CN CNC model. The 750CN utilizes pneumatic clamps, has a 20” capacity, 18,000 rpm spindle, and is 50% faster than the conventional Omec 750.

    • Omec Manual Dovetailer 650M

    The Omec 650M uses a 1 HP motor, linear bearings, adjustable eccentric bit, and comes with 4 templates standard. Clamping is done by four pneumatic cylinders for easier loading and unloading.


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