Omec Dovetail Machinery

    • Omec Door Frame Miter  F9TS

    Omec F9 is designed to mill joints on door frames. This machine is extremely easy to use with high precision and fast work process.

    • Omec 650A NC Automatic Dovetailer

    Omec’s newest model in an automatic CNC dovetail machine.

    • Omec Dado Rabbet F13

    The OMEC Automatic Dado or Rabbet F13 milling machine has been designed to produce bottom grooves for box covers or inset slots for bottle racks.  The F13 model has two blades for cutting slots in various dimensions and positions. The machine cuts single pieces.

    • Omec Batch Milling F12

    The OMEC F12 4-axes automatic milling machine with numeric control has been designed to create bottles racks and internal partitions for packing boxes. The F12 model has a spindle with a cutter to cut bottle holders with different dimensions and positions. The machine works pieces in packs.

    • Omec Automatic Glue Machine ICA600

    The Omec ICA600 Automatic Glue Machine was designed to spread vinyl glue on sides of wine crates and furniture drawers. This machine features two adjustable nozzles that can spread vinyl glue in sections or in a continuous mode. The work cycle is fully automatic.

    • Omec Hot Logo Stamping SA600

    The OMEC SA600 automatic stamping press was designed for the press-stamping of covers for wine crates and drawer sides on pieces of furniture.  The SA600 model features a pusher unit with a heating plate that is suitable to obtain burn effects on wooden items.  The stamping press machines single

    • Omec Manual Gluing Machine ICM300

    The OMEC ICM300 Manual Gluing Machine was designed to glue different types of drawers featuring dovetails, parallel joints and lockpins.

    • Omec Manual Box Clamp SBM 1200

    The OMEC SBM1200 Manual Box Clamp has been designed and built for assembling small boxes and in particular: the series of the wine boxes, tool boxes, cigar boxes and gift boxes. The size of the box is adjusted manually by the operator.

    This drawer box clamp is unique in that the operator assembles the loose box parts in the clamp itself not prior to introducing to the clamp. Pneumatic cylinders lock in the drawer sides and spring guides the fronts and backs.

    • Omec Box and Finger Joint F10

    This milling machine is designed for the production of “box joints” or “finger joints” in large quantities. The F10 is available in a 200 mm (7 7/8”) and 450 mm (17”) capacity.


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