• MIKRON Large-Size Automatic Rosette Maker R300

    When size matters, you need the MIKRON Automatic Rosette Maker R300. Consider the possibilities of producing upto 350 8" rosettes in an hour. 

    Step up to the next level in Rosette production...

    • MIKRON Automatic Rosette Maker R200

    Production capacity is what drives the MIKRON Automatic Rosette Maker R200, and producing up to 500 rosettes per hour with this powerful tool is a cinch. Productivity. Portability. Reliability. Keywords that are synonymous with the MIKRON R200.

    Produces Up To 500 Rosettes Per Hour!

    • MIKRON Multi-Moulder and Router M652R

    A new generation of moulder... When MIKRON's engineers designed the MIKRON Multi-Moulder and Router M652R, they made sure that they kept all the same, powerful features of the MIKRON M645. Then they added routering capabilities.

    • MIKRON Multi-Moulder M645

    The MIKRON Multi-Moulder M645 is a versatile moulding machine, capable of handling many different kinds of results. From simple, straight mouldings, curved mouldings, circular mouldings, to bar rails and stairs, the MIKRON M645 is designed to meet your most demanding requirements.

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