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    • Cantek 43" Wide Planer  PR1100N

    The Cantek 43" Wide Planer  PR1100N is designed with user friendly controls. Planing the material prior to sanding allows increased efficiency.

    • Cantek 32" Planer  P815HV

    The Cantek P815HV 32″ Planer has a solid steel helical cutterhead with two-sided carbide knife inserts that require no adjustments when changing. With a digital readout and simple PC controller, setting the table height is quick, accurate, and easy.

    • Cantek Pneumatic Hollow Chisel Mortiser  PCM-120

    Cantek Pneumatic Hollow Chisel Mortiser  PCM-120 contains separate fan blower to keep work clean and free from dust and chips.

    • Cantek Profile Grinder  JF330A

    The Cantek JF330A Profile Grinder was designed to ensure the operator can produce an optimum knife finish, while producing precisely accurate profiles.

    • Cantek Profile Grinder  JF330

    The Cantek JF330 Profile Grinder was designed to ensure the operator can produce an optimum knife finish, while producing precisely accurate profiles.  The VFD allows the operator to dial in the optimum grinding speed no matter what type of knife steel they are grinding.  Using an axial constant

    • Cantek Linear Spray Machine CD-305

    The Cantek CD305 auto linear spraying machine allows the automatic in line spraying of lacquers & stains on mouldings, picture frames, door, window & furniture components up to 305mm wide.  The wide spraying booth contains 6 spray guns that are automatically timed by phot

    • Cantek Industrial 10" Cabinet Table Saw TA10-5

    The Cantek TA10-5 10″ Table Saw is for serious woodworkers and production shops that require an industrial strength and powerful table saw.  Comes standard with both standard and dado arbors and table inserts.  Driven by a powerful 5HP motor it can make the cuts you need effortlessly.

    • Cantek ECT Series Double End Tenoners

    The Cantek ECT Series Double End Tenoners are robustly built for the most demanding applications.  They are available with up to (8) spindles (4-per side) and come in widths from 51” to 141”.  These double end tenoners are ideal for door, furniture, & window production and more.  The ECT seri

    • Cantek PRN Series Planer Sanders

    Cantek PRN Series Planer Sanders will increase your efficiency and extend the life of your abrasives by planing the material prior to sanding.

    • Cantek Drawer Notcher  JEN-60

    The Cantek Drawer Notcher JEN-60 is designed to both notch and drill drawer boxes to install undermount soft-close drawer slides.  The operation of the machine is simple with a self-indexing drilling unit that’s determined by the position of the drawer for either left or right notching.


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