Builders Automation

    • Builders Automation Programmable Stair Stringer Router CNC/MFSR

    The advanced CNC MFSR uses computer control to route the stringer material to any desired tread and riser combination. It comes preloaded with the most commonly used combinations, but it is also capable of routing custom stair profiles, as needed.

    • Builders Automation Staircase Assembly Clamp 2210

    The Staircase Assembly Clamp is used to hold the staircase together once all the parts (stringer, tread, riser, wedges) have been assembled to keep everything in place while the applied adhesive cures.

    • Builders Automation Stair Wedge Saw 2220

    The Wedge Saw is used to cut the wedges needed for manufacturing the stairs. It can be set to automatically cut 2 differently sized wedges which are then collected in different containers.

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