6" Economy Palm Grip DA Sander 3/16" Orbit

6" Economy Palm Grip DA Sander 3/16" Orbit

Taylor Pneumatic Sanders are built to provide trouble free service. Low profile and tough aluminum constructrion combined with smooth and balanced operation make these tools a must for automotive sanding, woodworking, and any finish work. These tools have built-in regulators and mufflers for quiet operation.  Swirl free finishes are obtained by letting the tool do the work. Keep the pad flat, keep the tool moving.  Adjust the pad speed with the built-in regulator. The tools have pads that move round and round and up and down because of the offset of the oscillator. Ease off on the pressure you apply and watch the pad spin backwards! The grains of abrasives do not travel the same path twice!


Free Speed:  11,000 rpm

Pad Size:  6 inch

Weight:  1.76 lbs.

Orbit Dia.:  3/16 inch

Spindle Size:  5/16-24

Air Pressure:  90 PSI Max.

Air Inlet NPT:  ¼”

Average Air Cons.:  8

Air Cons. @ Load:  16

Weight: 2 lb
Shipping Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 1 in
SKU: T-0008

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