Pneumatic 5/8" Corner Notcher ~ Model 70-X

Pneumatic 5/8" Corner Notcher ~ Model 70-X

The corner notcher is a device for squaring the corners in hinge recesses and latch plate recesses which have been routed by a previous operation.  It consists of an air driven chisel which accurately cuts the corners square with one push of the trigger.

The nose of the blade guide may be rotated 360 degrees, independent of the body or handle. This permits the gun to be held in a normal position at all times.

Model number 70-X is designed for squaring corners in latch-plate recesses. This model will square a maximum radius of 5/8". The locating face of this model is 1.069" square.

Maximum Cutting Stroke:  5/16"
Operating Air Pressure:  60 PSI (pressure may be increased to 100/125 PSI for cutting formica and laminated doors).

Weight: 2.5 lb
Shipping Dimensions: 12 in × 8 in × 4 in
SKU: S-0050