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Dotul Door Machinery


    Used 2007 Dotul Boring Machine - Model MT-104 - Being Sold "As Is"

    As pictured, was pulled out of operation several months ago.  It is in working condition.

    Please call 877-474-5521 for pricing and more information.


    Used 2007 Dotul Maverick Door Machine - Being Sold "As Is" - Very good condition.

    Includes the inline screwdriver and predrill kit along with 2 index bars and the 501strike jamb router.

    Electrical is 230/3/60


    Used Dotul Stile Press - Model AT-1200 - Being sold "As Is"

    In excellent condition. 

    For more information visit


    Used Dotul Door Loader - Model DT-525

    Place a pallet of doors on the door loader and the gripper will pick one door at a time, tip it and place it in position to be rolled onto the Dotul Maverick door machine or any vertical door machine.

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