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    • Autoquip High Capacity Powered Turntable

    High capacity ring bearing turntables safely rotate a wide variety of heavy loads from zero to 360 degrees, in one or both directions, at constant or variable speeds.

    • Autoquip Series 35 Powered Turntable

    S35 Powered Turntables provide workers the ability to easily rotate heavy loads. Common applications include pallet build-up and teardown, assembly, and conveyor systems.

    • Autoquip Series 35 Manual Turntable

    S35 Manual Turntables enable workers to easily rotate heavy loads.

    • Autoquip Air Force Lift and Tilt Table

    Autoquip Air Force Lift and Tilt Tables are driven by heavy industrial pneumatic air bag actuators, and because they are completely air powered, not susceptible to the oil leaks or spills associated with hydraulic units.

    • Autoquip Lift and Tilt Tilter

    From American Lifts premium series of industrial tilters, Autoquip offers the TiltLift.

    • Autoquip Tilters Series 35

    Autoquip offers tilt only or lift & tilt tables from our most popular standard Series 35 product line.  Designed with solid steel structural members to stiffen the base frame and platform assemblies, adding rigidity and reducing deflection.

    • Autoquip Scissor Mechanically Actuated Horizontal Ball Screw Lift Tables

    Horizontal Ball Screw scissors lift tables are one of Autoquip’s legacy products that we offer to our customers on an evaluated basis. Most of the time, we have discovered that the requirements of the application are better served with one of our more advanced mechanically actuated designs.

    • Autoquip Scissor Lift Tables Series 35 Extra Wide

    The wide stance of the Series 35 Extra Wide scissor lift tables add stability and support when handling wide, bulky loads.  With maximum single-scissors platform widths available up to 72 inches, this family of lifts provides the safest and most cost-effective solution for handling wider loads.

    • Autoquip Compact Lift Tables

    From the American Lifts product line, these industry-leading compact lift tables deliver significant lifting power with exceptional load capacities.

    • Autoquip Scissor Lift Tables Series 35

    Autoquip Series 35 Scissor Lift Tables are ready to help you reach new levels of performance and productivity. Each Series 35 model is designed and built to provide long-service life, durability, and outstanding lifting power.

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