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Choose from one or more of the machine types, applications, and manufacturers, below, and then click "Apply" to search our catalog of machinery. Note: You can hold the control key to pick more than one item in the same column.

  • Castaly Cut Off Saw CS-20RL45 is a machine that will automatically perform clamping and cutting for convenient operation.

  • Castaly Cut Off Saw CS-24L is a semi-automatic, fast cutting machine.

  • Castaly Degree Double Miter Saw CS-1245 features double saw blades construction which provides fast cutting, time saving and greatly upgraded efficiency.

  • Castaly Double 45 degree 14" Miter Saw CS-1445 features high production rate; two 45-degree cuts are performed at the same time.

  • Uniquely designed for sanding of round bars, it is best for use on the straight round bars, tapered round bars and double-pointed round bars.  It is also applicable to pool sticks sanding in full automation.  As soon as the round bars are inserted into the machine, the works will be revolved and

  • Castaly Double End Saw SET-62SAT with this double end miter saw, you can perform cutoff stock faster or consider a double end miter saw combination with moulding head. It lets you cutoff stock and moulding pattern in a single feed, that saves time, space and cost.

  • Castaly Double End Tenoner SET-66/ 86DET is suitable for mass production of woodworking factory for processing of double end cutting, tenoning, grooving, moulding, and sanding.

  • Castaly CM-16 /24 AT is the most popular model. Unceasing improvement and design based on users' suggestion. Stable, long-lasting, with excellent processing efficiency.

  • Castaly CM-19/ 35A Dovetail Machine cuts dovetailed tenons/mortises simultaneously for accurate jointing.

  • CM-19AAT is designed into five models. Operator can choose or increase models according to demands. Four models are adjustable, able to change or design wood materials variously. Able to set the working speed, sizes of tenons & mortises, intervals by simple humanity operation interface.

  • Castaly Drawer, Cabinet Assembly Press CM-37AT features a unique clamp plate design which ensures that pressure is evenly applied to both sides, creating perfect joints.

  • Castaly Dust Collector DC-805 is one of several options available featuring larger size impeller and extra long top air exhaust bags enabling sawdust and wood chips collection more easily. Refer to Specifications for option choices to best suit your needs.

  • Castaly Edge Sander allows sand paper to automatically oscillate up and down, so it will not over heat to get longer life usage and better finish result.

  • Castaly End Rod Cut Off Saw CL-35CS is designed and built well-suited for double end cutoff operations for stock with round section, in cylindrical, tapered or irregular shape.

  • Castaly Tenoner-Auto Tenoner SFJ-250AUTO performs end tenoning, mortising, and shaping at both ends of sticks.

  • Castaly Semi-Auto Finger Jointer SFJ-530 performs end trimming and shaping functions on right or left end of sticks.

  • Castaly Four Head Wide Belt Sander is available in various sizes. Please call 877-474-5521 or email for more details.



  • Castaly TRS-150F Frame Saw features an extremely fine surface effect after cutting.

  • Castaly Fully Automatic Finger Joint Production Line complete with the SFJ-610 Right Hand Shaper, SFJ-610G Left Hand Shaper and SFJ-4500C Assembler to produce mass finger joint stocks.

  • Castaly Fully Auto Finger Jointer SFJ-250AUTO performs end tenoning, mortising and shaping at both ends of sticks.


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