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Choose from one or more of the machine types, applications, and manufacturers, below, and then click "Apply" to search our catalog of machinery. Note: You can hold the control key to pick more than one item in the same column.

  • TigerStop TigerCrossCut

    TigerCrossCut is an automated fence and stop system that can make cross cutting much easier and far more productive. The operator simply enters the part size he wants and TigerCrossCut will move to the specified length quickly and accurately, every time.

  • TigerStop TigerFence

    TigerFence brings speed, precision and productivity to your table saw by adding automation which can be controlled from one side of the fence. Most users see up to 30% more productivity out of their saw with TigerFence.

  • TigerStop TigerTouch

    Any TigerStop product can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch. From manual, all the way to fully automatic processing, TigerTouch can simplify any cutting process by putting full control at your fingertips.

  • Tregarne Woodwelder

    WELD GLUE JOINTS IN SECONDS!! The Tregarne Woodwelder has been used in the woodworking industry for over 30 years. The R.F. generator produces radio waves, via a pair of triode valves. The R.F. is then modified to 27 megahertz and passed down the coaxial cable to the hand gun.

  • Vac-U-Clamp ThermoFoil Vacuum Press FT 1200

    Vac-U-Clamp ThermoFoil Vacuum Press FT 1200 is one of two available Thermofoil Vacuum presses offered.

  • Vac-U-Clamp ThermoFoil Vacuum Press FT 900

    New Feature: Unique and exclusive from Vac-U-Clamp is a comprehensive tutorial stored in the touch screen that has answers and hints to many of your questions about thermo-foiling. This tutorial is a special feature and accessed directly from the touch screen.

  • Vecoplan Rotary Shredder  VAZ 800

    The Vecoplan VAZ 800 Rotary Shredder is designed especially for size reduction of plastics, wood residue, trim blocks, panel scraps, furtniture parts, pallets, dunnage, cardboard and paper, and medical waste.

  • Vecoplan Shredder VAZ 1100

    The Vecoplan VAZ 1100 shredder is the most powerful machine in the small series and is available as a standard machine or XL version with larger rotor diameter.

  • Vecoplan Shredder VAZ 60 / 80 / 100

    The small series Vecoplan VAZ is a durable and robust shredding solution specially developed for the wood-processing industry.

  • Vecoplan Shredder VAZ 700

    The small series of single-shaft shredders starts with the Vecoplan VAZ 700. Carpenter's workshops, joineries and wood processing businesses use this machine to shred wood waste.

  • W&H Molder Variable Speed Model 206

    The W&H Molder’s low cost and its capacity to produce high quality moldings is an unbeatable combination. The W&H provides a safer alternative to a shaper and makes most profiles in a single pass.

  • W&H Molder Variable Speed Model 209

    The W&H Molder’s low cost and its capacity to produce high quality moldings is an unbeatable combination. The W&H provides a safer alternative to a shaper and makes most profiles in a single pass.

  • Prehung Door Machine Dotul Nomad DT-400

    Dotul is pleased to announce our newest door machine, the NOMAD. Designed to prehang factory or shop pre-beveled doors.

  • Dotul Dust Collector-4 Bag DT-522

    The Dotul DT-522 Dust Collector comes with an 8" opening and a 6" reducer. This dust collector works well with the Dotul Maverick and most vertical door machines.

    Pictured with three 4" openings.

  • Dotul Angle Press - 8' AT-4808

    The Dotul Angle Press AT-4808 is used for building stile & rail doors. Place the components in the press using the bottom left corner as a reference point. Both the top and right side of the press can be activated by using the valves in the front of the machine.

  • Dotul Assembly Table DT-536 & DT-548

    The Dotul Assembly Table is used to pre-hang doors. It is built with heavy gauge steel and has sturdy indexing bars for accurate width control adjustment.

  • Dotul Deep Lock Mortiser DT-523

    The Dotul Deep Lock Mortiser can be used in-line with a Maverick, Nomad or other brand of vertical door machine. It can also be used free standing. The DT-523 does not use templates and will machine for a wide variety of mortise locks and extended faceplates.

  • Dotul Stop Stitcher DT-521

    The Model DT-521 Stop Stitcher will apply a mitered or butt jointed stop to the jamb using your choice of crown staples or finish nails. The DT-521 Stitcher is a front nailer, attaching the stop by shooting a crown staple or finish nail through the top of the stop into the jamb.

  • Dotul Dowel Driver AT-400

    The Dotul AT-400 Dowel Driver is a free-standing single dowel insertion machine. The operator pre-glues the dowel hole, places the piece in front of the driver and presses on a foot pedal to insert the dowel. Dotul also offers machines that will make dowels.

  • Dotul Chain Conveyor Glue Spreader AT-300

    The Dotul Glue Spreader AT-300 includes a 4' infeed, 6' outfeed conveyorized glue spreader for easy gluing applicator setup.


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